Sunday, November 29, 2009

Of Wedding bells & Christmas bells


So today is when the season of Advent kicks off, Christmas Carols start playing, parties get planned, sweet shopping lists get made, phew… the tasks are endless.

And what other perfect time to get married than during the month of December! We’ve been getting invitation cards practically everyday (what with last year being leap year and all.)

Best of all, there’s nothing like a wedding in the family--when my cousin decided to take the plunge, it was all hands on deck. I’ve had a blast creating Wedding-related stuff at home and here’s a sampler:

The Ring Holder



I created a cluster of roses and set them on a bed of creamy vanilla satin and lace

The Toasting Glasses


This arrangement is made with handmade French beading flowers

I’d be happy to get feedback and suggestions, so feel free to shoot me a mail!

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