Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home made goodness… Part 2


Now to my Mumbai chapter of marzipan eggs--I have to introduce you to the lovely Rebecca, who can very easily whip up a storm in the kitchen as she can on the dance floor.

Called Happy Bunnys, you may be fooled into believing she only caters to the Easter season, but if your are looking for that special themed birthday cake or anniversary cake and even a naughty hen party cake, this should be your stop. You can order anything from a chocolate to a sponge to a fruit or a plum cake, and even  the more traditional Goan Coconut cake (Baath).  To put it mildly, when it comes to making celebrations memorable Rebecca should be on your speed dial. You will definitely  be the talking point of innumerable conversations.

DSC02714Rebecca has pretty much experimented on her own in the bakery department and comes up with winners each time. Its not just the final product (each of her creations are visual treats) but the satiated feeling you get when you dig in, is serious nirvana. Pictured here is one of her creations for a Chinese themed anniversary cake. Wish it was mine… :(. She has some wikkid specialty cakes, like a Skull cake too.

DSC02666Marzipan making is a talent that runs in the family and there is no one like her mum Ramona, who can make it as drop perfect as it has to be.  (Just thinking about the last lonely egg sitting in my fridge has set me drooling). The consistency is smoother than a baby’s bottom--when it comes to flavor, it beats any competition hollow.

DSC02648In addition to her many talents, Rebecca is also an artist and this is ever so evident in her presentation and the accents she uses on her  masterpieces. Each egg or bunny and cake is one of a kind. And the best part: you also have the option of going completely eggless.

Operating out of Bandra, Rebecca does take orders over the phone. Reach her on +91 98216 94917. Happy Munchies from Happy Bunnys!

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