Monday, February 7, 2011

Strawberries & Cream…& Ecstasy


Like all weekends this too has been one of indulgences (more like excesses) but whose to quibble right? So time it was to be disciplined..

And what better way then to add fresh citrusy fruit to your Sunday dessert. The easiest dessert in the world has to be Strawberries & Cream… sigh. All you need to do is beat fresh cream (100-120ml )into soft peaks, add about about a tablespoon and half of castor sugar. Don’t add the sugar right at the start because the sugar starts releasing water and then you won’t have the pretty peaks.

Make sure you you wash & clean the strawberries well. Destalk & quarter them. If you like you can always add a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Now to finish this dish and if you are lucky and have a few macaroons round the house (I use the Warden’s macaroons & they are excellent), crush a few at the bottom of a the bowl drop the chunky strawberries over, dollop the fresh cream & for the finale, just drizzle the snowy macaroons on the top.  The ecstasy of digging into tart strawberries, light decadent peaks of cream & the crunch of the macaroons is something that will want you coming back for more.Strawberries & Cream

And if you really want to still indulge, go all hog, sip a glass of champagne with it. Who said you only needed to have strawberries & cream court side!


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  1. Looks so tempting !~

  2. Ayesha, all I can say is Yummy!! and I will definitely try it.


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