Sunday, March 15, 2009

Del Italia – Prima



There are a lot of mixed reactions to Del Italia (DI), but I for one will rate it 11 on a scale of 10. Over the last few times that we've been to DI,  they have delivered consistently on every count. So if it is ambience, service or the food that excites you, these guys will not disappoint.

However, my recommendation is to please stay away from the Sunday Brunch. For Rs. 1250 + taxes, it’s limited fare leaves a lot to write home about. Ironically, they call the Sunday Brunch – home-style….

Now back to the good stuff. They are one of the few restaurants that can boast of an all-out Italian wine list that spans from Milan to Naples. A must try are the sangrias. My personal favorite—the Melon Sangria. They even make a regular brandy with hot water taste great. For the teetotalers, the plum-based mocktails are the best.

When it comes to the antipasti, the quail wrapped bacon wins hands down. I love the caramelized onions and succulent roast potatoes that go with it. The Carpaccio is done very well, but the salad topped off with toasted pine nuts that accompany it is sheer bliss. This should be earmarked, as it comes from someone who is fatally allergic to salads. Being mainly a carnivore, this review will be biased accordingly.

For most of us who grew up with Smokin' Joes & Dominios, the pizza's are really a shocker (but in a good way). They are authentic to the 'T' as far as thin crusts go. Don't miss the BBQ Chicken. The Ricotta and wilted Spinach pizza is highly recommended as well. Go exotic with the Parma Ham pizza ( though, they do get a  little stingy on those celestial slivers of perfectly cured ham)

A side order of garlic bread, which arrives nice and warm straight from the oven with a hint of oregano is perfect for a between-courses nibbler. So heavenly… . At this point you an actually hear violins.

Now to the meat of the matter: the Duck and Chicken Lasagna just melts in the mouth. For a meat and potatoes kind of person, please, PLEASE have the medallion. It’s a hunk of the best beef cooked to order, and the quality of the meat is supremo. I am not a big fan of continental fish dishes, but the John Dory just blows you away. The fillets are cooked to al dente and the lemon butter sauce just completes it. Saffron risotto makes the perfect accompaniment. What a holistic experience. I am a Risotto freak, and I must say that this is one area ( & I've tried all their Risottos)where I think DI could work on ditto for the Carbonara that lacked identity.

When it comes to dessert, these guys have got it down to an art. The Panacotta is the lightest thing on the menu after the pizza. DI panacottaPlease ask your server about the stewed fruit of the day: you will be in luck if they have figs or pears. Now if you are one of those chocoholics (like my mum), you can take your pick from the Chocolate & Grappa Torte (rich divine chocolate), Chocolate & Mascarpone Torte (a fine balance of cheese and chocolate) or the classic Tiramisu.

Admittedly the pricing is on the other side of VFM, but it is well worth the indulgence.

Sigh…… happy memories…. Damn you dietician, damn you (she who cannot be named)

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