Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PS.. I Love You


I am not one to read romantic novels of any kind and yet PS I Love You, will definitely be one of my current favorites. Cecelia Ahern, introduces us to Holly Kennedy. Set in Dublin, Holly, newly widowed is struggling to move on with her life.

Through flash back memories of Holly in happy times with her  soul mate, childhood sweetheart and husband—Gerry—we get glimpses of their lives, hopes and dreams. As with childhood sweethearts, no one knows and understands Holly, her quirks, her fears & her compulsive and impulsive shopping as much her Gerry. The book takes us through the last few months of Gerry’s life and how in spite of his absence still lingers on in Holly’s life, giving her something to smile about, helping her look for her goal, encouraging and sometimes pushing her to the brink to overcome her fears.


Gerry leaves behind ten notes for Holly, to be opened every month, a missive to help Holly  move on with her life. Some of them are difficult challenges (I love the episode of Holly attempting a karaoke competition in utter sobriety. I know that fear, I’ve been there. Its amazing how a couple of margarita's give you the prowess to take on Mariah Carey’s five octaves, cold turkey sober its a different story altogether). Holly finds unlimited support in her friends Sharon and Denise and her sometimes MIA sister Ciara & brother Daniel.

Each of the notes left behind by Gerry touch a chord, because trust me, we’ve all been in each of those situations at some point of time. While on holiday, Holly and the girls attempt to ‘catch place by the pool’, done that in Andheri local train. Dealing with unrequited feelings, inadvertently stepping on someone’s toes at work, misjudging people’s intentions, spending way too much on clothes and shoes (well sometimes they are on sales!) and the list goes on.

Couple of things that I’ve learned from this book is the clichéd live every day to the fullest and cherish every relationship like its the only one you have. I guess that’s why my husband’s encouragement  and support got me here. Thank you Marco. I learn from you everyday.  Like Holly’s parents, my folks who have been my constant support, my secure base and just being my giant rocks of Gibraltar. My brilliant brother, Michael. I have yet to come across some as talented, thoughtful and yet so oblivious to it. Thank you Suellen, my closest friend. Thank you for keeping me grounded, giving me grief when I deserved it and just looking out for me. (I have cut down on coffee and stiletto's, I promise).Guess we all have some thanking to do.

Can’t wait to catch the movie!!


  1. i saw the movie. cried a whole bunch! but thought the whole idea, romantic though it was, bordered on the eerie!

    a good watch on a rainy day when you're all alone at home and in need of a good cry....warning, make sure you stack up on the tissues before clicking the 'play' button!

  2. Hey Anisha,

    Believe or not, I have not yet seen the movie. A little worried it won't live up to my expectations after how great the book was! Happens ever so often.



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