Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My last lecture…


In a training program at work last month, my MD showed us a clip of Dr. Randy Pausch, who was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. This man delivered a speech --  Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams --months before succumbing to pancreatic cancer. This was his message to his children, to his family and to his friends. I must tell you, whether you read his book or watch the clip, you will be moved by the sheer grit and determination of this man, who never let anything or anyone get in his way. And yet you see him as a human being like anyone of us, trying to make sense of the crosses we have to bear, and trying to come to grips with a destiny that is not of our making. That’s when we got to think about what would our legacy be. So after not too much pondering, here are my musings…

I may not have a string of alphabets behind my name, and I may not have millions in a Swiss bank account, but what I do have is the experience that has enriched my life through the years.

Experiences that I have my family, my friends, my colleagues to thank. Its not about what knowledge I have imparted, but what I have gained from those who made my memories and the foundations of my existence.

Respect, for everything and everyone around me. No one is too small to accord respect to. Treat others with the same dignity you expect. You are only as superior as the next guy.Last lecture

Give people a chance. How many times did I fall off my bicycle? (you don't even want me to answer that one). How many times did you try and get to the bottom of an algebra sum? Did your parents every throw their hands up? Did you teacher every say you were no good? Everyone of us has potential its just up to us to help people realize what they are good at and give them a leg up.

Not everyone is the Joker. Are people inherently bad? Or are we catching them in situations that bring out their worst? Are they really mirroring our actions and behavior? Everyone is entitled to a bad day, and its not for us to judge who’s good or bad. Someone is judging us back.

Learn to give. They say charity begins at home. But it doesn’t always have to be material. When at home are we really spending time with the family, or are we glued to the TV? Is there someone at work who will benefit from your time at the company or from the knowledge you have gleaned. Be accessible to people, and make your time with them count.

I urge you to pause for a moment and think of what legacy you leave behind. Impact somebody, anybody…

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